Name: Jamal Yusuf approved

Job Title: Developer

Description: I am a Software Developer living in Charlotte, North Carolina specializing in Go-lang backend engineer and cloud. My friends describe me as an individual possessed by curiosity, I enjoy learning for the sake of learning. Do you know what the etymology of the word school is? Originally in ancient Greece rich kids when they wanted to indulge their curiosity would seek out an expert in a subject, and learn. The word school originally pronounced as scholΓ© meant indulging your curiosity. Fast forward to the modern world and you can literally find an expert in pretty much anything and ask as many questions as you want while you learn. I enjoy learning, the topics I’m studying are things I am curious about.My educational motivation is best described as, I am a sponge that absorbs knowledge. I want to help others learn and progress in their careers and ignite that spark of curiosity.

Skills: Software developmentLeadershipCommunicationCareer strategy / CV / Interviews

Years of Experience: 10

Location: Charlotte, North Carolina, United States of America

Preferred Contact Method: coVideo chat

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