Name: Maryan Mahamed approved

Job Title: Product Specialist/Product Data Analyst

Description: I am a Product Specialist/Data Analyst at a fintech startup in Toronto. Data was always a point of interest for me, and a few years after graduating I decided to take courses in data. Outside of work and family, I try to spend time getting through (or attempting to) my to be read/to be watched list, writing, or planning out whatever outdoor trips I can. One of the things that are always reiterated in the SiT community in slack and elsewhere is for each of us to pay things forward. It's something I grew up with, something I've witnessed a lot at SiT. My boss has also, in the year I've known him, really shown me exactly how beneficial mentorship is for both mentor and mentee. Couldn't think of a better way to pay forward those lessons than here. Just as an aside; I've put down video chat as the preferred method of contact, but please feel free to select whatever you're comfortable with!

Skills: CommunicationData analytics

Location: Toronto, Canada

Preferred Contact Method: Video chat

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